We are Scott J. Olheiser, Injury & Trial Attorneys

From devastating bodily injuries to business disputes to complex domestic litigation, we help real people get real results. We have recovered millions for injured clients and surviving family members. We have overcome the deep pockets of insurance companies and governments. We have guided professionals, ranchers, and parents of all walks of life through the process of divorce.


Our job is to help you recover what was taken away.

Automobile Accidents

The most common causes attributed to automobile accidents include negligence of the driver, drunk driving, distracted drivers, defective automobiles, road damage and unfavorable weather conditions.

Industrial Work Accidents

Besides being injured from a single event or a traumatic injury, we can also assist you from injuries that result from repeated exposures at work, such as hurting your wrist from doing the same motion over and over or losing your hearing because of constant loud noise.


Defective products are not only injurious to health, but highly dangerous in terms of physical safety factors. Injuries from defective products may occur for different reasons.


If you or a loved one has been injured by suspected medical negligence, it’s important to realize that your state will impose a time limit on your ability to file a claim. You should seek experienced medical malpractice counsel as early as possible.